Top 15 Pills For Bigger Buttocks | Permanent Enlargement


The industry of cosmetics and beauty has grown bigger and bigger and now they produce the best pills for bigger buttocks.

This is the best moment for women who want to enlarge their buttocks.

In fact, now you can get the best and safe buttocks enlargement cream online at your comfort zone.


These pills for bigger buttocks are very safe and can hip up your small buttocks improving your figure and shape.

They also improves your desire for having romance with your hubby.

However, you need to choose the best butt enlargement gel or pills.

Therefore, this article provides you with the safest butt enlargement pills, gel or creams to improve your figure and interest for romance with your husband.

What are the benefits of butt enlargement cream or pills

Hey, are you fed up with your flat bum? Do you wish you had a fuller, rounder sexier bum?

Then, using the best and safe butt enlargement pills or cream can help build your hip muscles at faster pace and improving your beauty.

They enlarge your curves that shape your body.

The pills are rich in vitamins and active natural ingredients that can enable you to enlarge your butt permanently.

These gel also can improve your sexual desire as they improve your confidence for having sexual intercourse with your husband or hubby.

Here are the best pills for bigger buttocks

  1. Cesamex Cypomex 4 Hip & Buttock Pills

One of the safe pills for buttock enlargement and for better curvy hips are the Cesamex Cypomex-4 butt enhancement pills.

 In fact, Cypomex4 Butt enhancement Pills works by increasing your metabolism, stimulating estrogen and targeting muscle tissue growth, therefore, curving your hip(1).

This pills is best as it contains active natural ingredients that are free from artificial chemical. It is completely safe with no side effects and lead to permanent hip enlargement.

How to use Cesamex Cypomex 4 butt enlargement pills

For effective result, take 2 pills a day with water, one in the morning and another in the evening and be sure to get amazing permanent results in 1 to 3 months.

Some women can take few weeks to see the result, this depends on metabolic rate and hormone response. However, never overdose and use it has prescribed.

Pills For Bigger Buttocks
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Benefits of Cesamex Cypomex 4 butt enlargement pills

  • Build the butt muscles faster and permanent
  • It’s a natural curve enhancer for women
  • It is safe and healthy with no side effects
  • Contains 100% active natural ingredients and vitamins
  1. Hip Up and Buttock Gel 

Dr James Hip Up & Buttock Gel is effective for building a rounder, firmer and curved hips.

Skinny buttock makes some women feels quilt and lack of confidence in the society, actually, women with skinny hips or buttock may have fewer men to seduce them as compared to women with sexy hips that are curved.

But never mind,I know you may be embarrassed and tired of the saggy and rippled appearance of your Buttocks, the best and safe butt gel is here to help you get the best-curved hips that will attract more men and you will get the man of your choice(2).

Try Dr James Hip Up & Buttock Gel that contains natural ingredients that are safe for perfect hip up.

How to use Dr James Hip Up & Buttock Gel 

You will get the prescription together with the get, read the label carefully and use it appropriately for effective results.

Hip Up Pills for bigger buttocks
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Benefits of this hip up gel

  • Enlarges and curves buttock
  • Gives you perfect shape of hips
  • It is 100% natural Ingredients
  • No side Effects
  1. Generic make me perfect booty enlarging pills

Make me perfect booty enlarging pills gives the perfect shape as it build a curved and large butt faster and safely.

In fact, this product works by increasing and enlarging the fat cells around the buttocks area, giving you a bigger, rounder and firmer buttock.

It is made from natural herbs that has no side effects when used appropriately. However, it can cause drowsiness if on a bad diet.

Benefits of this pills

  • It enable you to get bigger, firmer and rounder booty
  • Contains 100% active natural ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  1. Celogen Pharma YOKEBE BUTT PILLS

Another best pills for bigger buttocks is the Yokebe.

This hip up pills is a successful regimen among South African women for perfect curved booty.

It is made from natural active plant compounds that build butt muscles faster as reported by most South African women.

Therefore, to get the best booty, you need to use these pills.

How to use Yokebe butt pills

For effective results, simply take 2-3 pills daily before meals preferably at night. You will get the best result within 4 weeks depending on your metabolism and hormone response.

pills for bigger buttocks
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  1. Pharma 50 Pills C4 Butt Boosters For Big Smooth Butt and Hips.

C4 butt tablets are the most effective, powerful butt enhancement supplements that have helped hundreds of thousands of women to build curved, bigger, rounder hips.

 In fact, it’s blend of active ingredients that have been proven to signal your body to store more fat on the buttocks, hips and thighs, resulting in a stunning hourglass figure(3).

This pills for buttocks enlargement is very safe.

How to use Pharma 50 Pills C4 Butt Boosters

Simply take one tablet in the morning and one evening (1X2).

Importantly, don’t exceed the normal dosage and within 1-3 months you will see amazing results as you will build a curvier, firmer and rounder booty


  • It contains 50 tablets that Increase your butt, hips and curves naturally.
  • No side effect as it is made from herbal plants
  • Safe for use
  1. Cypomex Butt and Hips Boosters 10 Pills

Cypomex butt and breast enhancement products are made out of active ingredients that accelerate butt enlargement(4).

The cypomex butt pills grow fat in your thigh, butt, and hip area for perfect booty shape

In fact, the fat will come from the food you eat and not from other parts of the body.

In that, it will optimize the calories that you eat while on the products turning them into fat that will be deposited to your desired areas of butt, hips, and thighs.

How to use Cypomex butt and hip booster

Get the best result faster by simply taking (1X2) dose, that is to take one in the morning, and one in the evening.

How long it takes to see result

When following the dosage or instructions on the label, then the pills will takes 2-3 weeks to start noticing positive result on your butt.


  • Enlarges the Hips and Butt faster without enlarging other body parts
  • No side effects as it contains natural active ingredients
  1.  Butt Boost Sexy Booty Yokebe Pills 

Impulse Yokebe Pills can give you a tight, toned & beautiful bottom to be proud of.

They are made from natural active plant compounds that help build specifically bigger muscle a round the hip, things and butt area.

In fact, impulse butt booty Yokebe pill is uniquely formulated with super strength ingredients designed to give you the bum of your dreams.

It is rated as the most powerful buttocks enhancement supplement by most women around the world.

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Furthermore, these pills for bigger buttocks contain diosgenin, which is used to make synthetic estrogen and it is also rich in phytoestrogens that increase hormonal production(5,6).

Its benefits

  • It help build a fuller rounder sexier bum.
  • Super strength formula gets to work straight away.
  • It is 100% safe natural herbal ingredients.
  1. Yodi Hip and Butty Pills

Another best pills for bigger butts is Yodi butt and breast enhancement products.

It is both curves your breast and butt as it is  made out of the African yodi root and evening primrose natural herbs that are super effective for building booty ass.

Actually, this pills are homemade from top-quality ingredients, therefore, they are safe.

The yodi butt pills help grow fat in your thigh, butt, and hip area.

These pills convert the foods you eat to fats that build up on you ass making the thigh, butt, and hip to curve.

How to use Yodi hip pills

Simply take one in the morning, and another one in the evening (1X2) and you will see the result within 2-3 weeks.

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  1. Shalina Booty Enlarger Pills Super Apeti bigger butt lift thighs Enlargement

This is one of the most powerful pills for butt enlargement.

It helps increase the size of your butt up to 40% in healthy fat storage and muscle growth.

The  Shalina booty enlarger pills is 100%  natural supplements that is safe with no known side effects or risks.

Furthermore, no diet or exercise required to see results, however, you can see FREE diet and exercise tips if you may need.

How to use Shalina booty enlarger pills

It contains 10 Pills per package and you need to take one tablet two times a day (1 x 2) that is one in the morning and one in the evening. You will be able to see the result in 2 weeks on effective use. The result is permanent, therefore, this is one of the best pills for bigger buttocks.

Importantly, do not take more than the required dosage.

  • Increases by up to 40% in healthy fat storage and muscle growth.
  • 100% all-natural supplements are very safe.
  • A normal diet or exercise may/ may not be required to see results.
  • Give permanent results.
  1. Caisa Pharma International C4 Curves Butt Hips Enlargement Bust Enhancer Tablets

Another type of C4 bust enhancer tablets  is the Caisa pharma, which is effective and can help you build a fuller, rounder buttocks, hips and thighs.

The results can be seen within 1-3 months on proper use.

Therefore, try C4 and join the satisfied customers worldwide who have already made the switch and raving about the incredible results.

How to use it

For effective result, take one tablet in the morning and one evening (1X2) and don’t exceed the normal dosage prescribed.

Benefits of Bust Enhancer Tablets

  • Increase your butt, hips, curves naturally.
  • No side effect
  • No traces of filler of chemicals
  1. New Cesamex 30pcs Cypomex Pills

Hey, have you thought of building a curvy hips and bigger butt? If not, then try Cypomex-4 butt enhancement pills.

This product responds by increasing the size of muscle cells, thus enlarging your buttocks without doing exercise.

It is very effective for building booty butts as compared to other butt enlargement pills.

You can try these cypomex pills for bigger buttocks

How to use Cesamex 30pcs Cypomex Pills

It is packed with 30 Pills and for safe and faster results, simply take 2 pills a day with water and within 1 to 3 months you will get that permanent perfect booty shape.

Hip enlargements pills
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Its Benefits

  • It helps in mass gain as it increases the size of hips
  • Breast enhancement (fuller and bigger)
  • 100% natural ingredients and vitamins and the result are permanent
  1. Aichun Natural Herbal Extract Aichun Hip up Lift Cream

Aichun Hip Cream is best for building bigger butts and can make you more elegant and charming with a hot-ass.

In fact, this is one of the most effective Butt Enhancement Cream that will lift up your buttocks, tighten your skin, eradicate black lines, and remove cellulite(7,8,9,10).

Aichun Hip Cream  is made of natural plant extracts and 100% safe.

How to use Aichun Hip Cream

For best results apply it twice daily and massage it well until it gets fully absorbed

Note that, this is the Ginger Hot version of this product will make you feel a slight heat after application indicating good absorption and effective penetration.

Benefits of Aichun Hip Cream

  • It lift up your buttocks, tighten your skin, eradicate black lines and remove cellulite
  • It has no side effects
  • Increase Buttock Size
  • Increase Hip size
  1. C4-Pharmaceuticals C4 Hip Up Buttock Enhancer Supplement Pills -10 Capsules.

Another brand of C4 is here to improve your butt shape.

This  Buttock enhancement vitamins Pills works by increasing your metabolism, stimulating estrogen

and targeting muscle tissue growth. It also helps repair tissues by rebuilding cell walls, ensuring all the body organs are fully hydrated and functioning at optimum levels.

It also has the ability to improve blood circulation, thereby reducing the chance of cellulite formation due to poor circulatory conditions.

Its Benefits

  • Build the buttock muscles very fast
  • Enlarge your curves with vitamins that shape your body to produce maximum curves
  • It’s a natural curve enhancer for women in pills to enlarge the buttock
  • It gently boost the female master hormone responsible for making you soft, curvy, and sexy
  • no side effects as it is natural
  • It lead to permanent results
  1. Honeydew Buttock and hip lift up Enhancement cream

It is an enhancing cream that supports your luscious derriere.

In fact, this bottom cream for a bigger bottom will keep you looking tight and taunt all the time, without any uncomfortable butt lifter panties or pads.

It will make you look hot and sexy as if you got a surgical enhancement by using a cream(11). It is well-known for increasing bottom size and leave it soft and curvaceous.


Benefits of this bottom cream

  • Fragrance free  as it is contains naturalingredients 
  • Enhances collagen levels 
  • Contains Shea butter and coconut oil essential for skin protection
  1. Floor Hip Lift Up Cream Butt Enlargement/Buttock Enhancement Cream

Hip lift up cream is for all women who dream of having booty hips.


It helps increase your buttocks size.

Actually, hip lift up  hip massage cream is formulated with natural extract to make your hips lifted and firm.

It tighten the tissue of the hip and help effectively fight gravity, provide elasticity and support, firm and smooth the skin.

Furthermore, this product has no side effect as it help your butt looks beautiful, tight, plump, smooth, full, balanced hormones, reducing black lines and maintain the natural balance of the skin and make it healthy(12).

Benefits of hip lifter cream

  • Raising the hips up
  • Tighten saggy butt
  • Contains moisturizers that smooth the skin
  • Reduced fat & cellulite deposits
  • Natural extracts
  • contains coffee and chili extracts 

Summing It Up

Choose the best butt enlargement pills or best pills for bigger buttocks that will lead to the permanent results within a few weeks. However, do not overdose. These pills will enable you to build sexy booty ass.